Term 3

Robot clips. Wearable arts inspiration.

We are also this term doing Gymnastics for PE.

We are looking at making our school more beautiful for art. The children have come up with some cool ideas.

Term 2.

We are going to The Waihi Beach RSA for ANZAC day on Tuesday the 24th of April. We will be leaving school after the roll is completed. Parents and families are welcome to join us. This is the song we are learning for the day.

Term 1
We are learning about ourselves, our school and our community.
In this unit we are going to be looking at...
...what makes us special.
...who is in our family.
...what is unique about our school.
...who are people in our school, where they work and what are some of the roles they have.
...what makes Waihi Beach unique and special.
...who are the people who work in our community.
...where some of the places are at Waihi Beach.

Room 10 Community Walk - 4th April 2011
Special thanks to Carla at The Porch for the yummy hot chocolates.

Junior School Beach trip - 3rd April 2011

Room 10 and Room 6 Went to the Beach Hop Warm Up at Waihi 28th March 2012.